Creating liquid markets for our clients.
Bringing new companies to the lime light and exposing these potentially explosive possibilities to the right kind of investors.


Website Marketing:

  • We operate 30+ financial small-cap websites and newsletters. We utilize these websites and the traffic they generate to expose our clients to new and potential investors. We pride ourselves on having very brand-able websites that continually attract potential investors. These lists are specifically targeted towards small-cap and penny stock investors looking for information on small-cap companies listed on the OTC, Pink Sheets and small-cap Nasdaq.
  • Newsletter Marketing:

  • Each of the sites we operate collect emails for future promotions. With our targeted emails lists we are able to send out profiles, news alerts, momentum alerts, research and analyst reports, volume and price alerts and special reports. This is a quick way to get in front of potential investors. We also follow and track 500 other financial newsletters in order to keep an eye on which lists are generating some of the best results.
  • Social Media Marketing:

  • Social media has become one of the fastest ways to reach millions of investors quickly. We utilize social media to generate retail investor traffic and awareness, our team is on top of the latest tools to help companies apply social media strategies that support investor relations communication objectives.

    Social media has taken the stock promotion industry by storm and so we embraced the new flow of investors by creating dozens of different social media outlets for investors to join. Also we are members of more than 400 other stock promotion, trading and investment groups, clubs and day trader forums that we use to get our clients message out to millions of new investors.
  • Chatroom, Forums and Message Board Participation:

  • Still a very needed part of any campaign, as much as newsletters and social media gets you in front of a targeted audience, chatrooms get you in front of them during the trading day as their making their decisions in real-time.
  • Interactive Monitoring and Business Development:

  • This is one of the unique services we provide which is a huge asset to any investor relations campaign. While our team is marketing your company we ensure that we take an interactive approach, so we are able to answer questions in real-time so investors can make their decision quickly.

    Our team is able to set up social media accounts and maintain them for the duration of our relationship to ensure future business partners, investors or potential clients are looked after immediately.
  • Analysts, broker, Market Maker and Media Campaigns:

  • Our team will assist in building an audience and drawing the attention of investment banks, analysts and other professionals through third party brokerage and Analyst reports, news releases, Journalists and Audio and video interviews.

    - Contacting financial advisors to introduce your company

    - Drawing attention to press releases

    - Following up with brokers' interests

    - Raising visibility

    - Updating financial professionals on the progress of corporate milestones set by the clients

  • Shareholder Services:

  • While new investors keep the company actively trading and growing it's important not to overlook the existing shareholder base. It's essential to continue communication with existing shareholders to update them on the company's achievements and milestones. This has the possibility of them being more invested into the company's future.
  • Inbound Calls:

  • Our team is available to accept incoming calls or information requests for our clients. It is imperative that answers get responded to within an efficient and timely manner. This helps you to focus on achieving corporate milestones by letting us handling:

    - General inquiries

    - Information regarding press releases

    - Update existing shareholders and financial advisors

    - Information packages for potential investors

  • Web Design

  • Having a professional, eye catching website is almost mandatory these days. With the amount of information people are able to look up in a very short period of time, having the ability to get the information they need to make their decision immediately is almost imperative to obtaining and maintaining new investors.
    We can assist in many ways to get a professional website.

    - Web design

    - Maintenance

    - Search Engine Optimization

  • Funding Options Available:

  • Funding requirements for early, mid and late stage companies whether it's for purchasing new equipment, acquiring new businesses or for operating capital can be obtained through a number of different sources. We have a targeted database of potential investors and lenders that we can utilize while looking for the right funding source.